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Sea Lake AstroFest is back for 2024!!!

The ASV is proud to bring you our second Sea Lake Astro Fest! After the success of our 2023 event we have decided to return to Sea Lake for a 2024 event. The event will take place over the Melbourne Cup Weekend and feature all things astronomical.

The Sea Lake Astro Fest is a specialised event showcasing astronomy experiences tailored for this unique location in North Western Victoria. Guest speakers with volunteers from the Astronomical Society of Victoria will share the wonders of the night sky with you. We have supporting events for the whole family, from Science for Kids sessions, to a Q&A dinner and a pub quiz.

Safely see the sun with our specialised solar telescopes, giving you a close-up view of our nearest star. Learn some of the stories first nation people shared about the night sky, as well as how we now understand and navigate our way across the sky. Each night we invite you to look through our telescopes and take a closer look at the night sky - Saturn's rings, the coloured bands of Jupiter plus a selection of galaxies, nebula and other deep sky objects. Join our astrophotography presentations to learn some of the techniques we use to capture amazing images of the night sky.


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