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ASV Heathcote

The charming township of Heathcote, nestled in central Victoria and in close proximity to the ASV's dark sky site near Lady's Pass, offers a delightful opportunity for the local community to gaze upon the enchanting night sky.

To make this celestial experience accessible, occasional sidewalk astronomical viewing nights are organized for those with a keen interest. At present, a remarkable 12-inch reflecting telescope takes center stage, revealing captivating celestial objects and extraordinary phenomena such as eclipses, comets, and more. A brief description accompanies each celestial spectacle, enhancing the understanding and appreciation of what viewers are witnessing.

Through the township's vibrant social media channels, these celestial viewing events are advertised, typically scheduled for a Friday or Saturday evening. This intentional timing aims to make it easier for families to attend and share in the awe-inspiring wonders of the universe. Moreover, local schools and other community groups interested in arranging their own viewing sessions can reach out to the ASV's Astronomy for the People (AFTP) section. Simply relay the details of the event, and the AFTP section will be delighted to collaborate and facilitate an unforgettable astronomical experience.

Thus far, the sidewalk viewing nights have ignited a sense of wonder and curiosity, leaving participants captivated by the cosmic spectacle above. As word spreads and interest grows, the prospects for these celestial gatherings hold great promise for even more extraordinary experiences in the future.

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