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Great Melbourne Telescope

The Great Melbourne Telescope Section, similar to other sections within the ASV, invites all members of the ASV to join.

A dedicated team of volunteers has been diligently working on the restoration of the GMT for several years. Every Wednesday, these volunteers gather at the Scienceworks Museum in Spotswood, under the supervision of museum staff. The restoration team currently comprises around 20 members.

The current director of the GMT section is Jim Pollock, who has been actively involved in the project since 2008.

The primary purpose of establishing this new section is to keep ASV members, who are unable to attend the weekly working sessions, updated on the latest developments.

The section's activities will include engaging lectures and presentations by guest speakers, as well as periodic inspections of the restoration work at Scienceworks Museum in Spotswood.

The ASV is heavily engaged in the restoration of the Great Melbourne Telescope, working closely with Scienceworks Museum and the Royal Botanic Gardens. Their shared objective is to fully restore the telescope, enabling its use for educational purposes and public viewing experiences.

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