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Light pollution is a prevalent issue across Victoria, spanning from Mildura to Mallacoota. Careless and wasteful lighting practices have resulted in adverse effects on the night sky throughout the region. The measured rate of increase indicates that sky brightness approximately doubles every decade, presenting an unsustainable situation.

Without intervention, there is a looming possibility of witnessing all-night artificial twilight across significant parts of the state within our lifetimes. The ASV's Outdoor Lighting Improvement Section actively works to address the rising tide of light pollution that is gradually diminishing our view of the universe. However, true progress will require a widespread call for action that compels both state and federal governments to take notice.

To shed light on the importance of addressing poor lighting practices, the following documents, especially 'Outdoor Lighting and Crime, Part 2', provide valuable guidance on why and how to tackle this issue effectively.

ASV member Dr. Barry Clark has prepared a source manual and resource kit titled "A RATIONALE FOR MANDATORY CONTROL OF OUTDOOR LIGHTING." This valuable resource enables you to develop your own submission advocating for light pollution control in your local area.


Take part in the Globe at Night initiative and contribute to raising public awareness about the impact of light pollution. By measuring the brightness of your local night sky and submitting your observations to the Globe at Night Database, you can play a crucial role in this cause.

Let us join forces and take action against light pollution to preserve the natural beauty of our night sky.

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